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Right Side - Little Sandra art.Our Mustang right before being painted as StrawBoss.Our Mustang in 1974 flown by Dan Martin.
Our Mustang in 1974 wearing its early scheme.Mustang in formation with founder John Crocker.
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Shortly after being repainted as StrawBoss.
StrawBoss in the late 70's.StrawBoss dataplate.StrawBoss going out for a flight early 1980s.
In formation w Getchells Sea Fury.StrawBoss on the ramp.StrawBoss cockpit.
StrawBoss fuel selector.StrawBoss Throttle quadrant.
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Little Sandra - the crew cheif side of the airplane.
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StrawBoss on the ramp.StrawBoss 2 nose art.In formation inbound to Minter.
StrawBoss 2 in formation. Flown by Mike McKinley.StrawBoss 2 in formation. Photo by Curtis Fowles.StrawBoss 2 in formation. Photo by Curtis Fowles.
Our Mustang of the 3595th Pilot Training Wing Nellis AFB, NV
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StrawBoss in the hangar.N5460V late 70's.
N5460V early 70's.N5460V early 70's. at Watsonville 2004. Photo by Chris Luvara
N5460V early 70's. near San Francisco. Photo by Michael Jorgensen 
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