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T-6 Cockpit.T-6 in the hangar.Taxiing out to fly.
T-6 on final.T-6 in formation.T-6 rear seat controls.
T-6 throttle quadrant.T-6 in its early scheme 1974.T-6 1974 near Tracy.
T-6 at Watsonville 1975.T-6 airshow photo pass.T-6 getting preflighted.
T-6 at Watsonville Airshow 2005.T-6 heading out to fly.T-6 starting up for a donor flight.
T-6 from the rear cockpit.T-6 guages.T-6 on the Hollister ramp.
T-6 basking in the sun.T-6 at Marina Air Fare 2007.T-6 in Reno 1976. Courtesy William T. Larkins.
T-6 at Watsonville Airshow 2008.
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