Preserving the Past, for the Future.

California Warbirds Air Museum Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit corporation based in Hollister California. Our mission is to educate, restore, preserve, and make available for public display these aircraft of historical significance.

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Our Airplanes

P-51D "StrawBoss 2"

With over 15,000 built by North American Aviation and less than 200 flyable or restorable, the P-51 remains one of the most recognized airplanes in the world. Many credit the airplane for being the reason the Allies won the air war over Europe with the ability to escort bombers all the way to Berlin and back.

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AT-6D "79C"

The North American T-6 Texan was built primarily as an advanced trainer for the US Army Air Force, US Navy, Royal Air Force during World War 2 and beyond. It has also served for other countries well into the 1950's. The US Army Air Force designates it as the AT-6, while Navy variants were known as the SNJ, it was also known as the Harvard by the Royal Air Force.

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